Astarra opens diversified funds to retail investors

Astarra Funds Management has made its three diversified funds available to retail investors for the first time in its 15 year existence.

The Astarra conservative, balanced and growth funds have until now only been available to investors via Astarra’s master trust.

However, Astarra “believes financial advisers can utilise these funds to deliver long-term stability, income and growth for their clients”, according to chief executive Rex Phillpott.

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“Recent market conditions have led many financial planners to look for better options in regards to building sustainable portfolios for their clients,” Phillpott said.

Many advisers have “begun to recognise that their strengths are in giving advice to their clients” rather than constructing portfolios in which “everyone is an expert in a rising market”.

Phillpott said Astarra incorporates an absolute return philosophy to portfolio construction, which “allows us the flexibility to manage risk while taking advantage of opportunities as they arise”.

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