AMP transfers multi-asset into Australian wealth management

AMP has completed the transfer of its multi-asset group into Australian wealth management.

This would create AMP Investments, an end-to-end superannuation and investment platform. This included AMP’s flagship Signature Super, MySuper and choice superannuation platforms.

Led by chief investment officer, Anna Shelley, there would be $84.7 billion in assets under management and close to one million superannuation members.

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Scott Hartley, chief executive of AMP Australian Wealth Management, said it was an important milestone in AMP’s transformation.

“Anna Shelley is a highly-regarded chief investment officer and has assembled an outstanding investment team, a mix of former AMP Capital Multi-Asset group, including AMP’s chief economist Shane Oliver, and outside talent.

“The team has strong capability across all asset classes, including responsible investment, which will be an increasing focus as more and more Australians seek to align their investments with their values.

“Working closely with the Trustee, AMP’s business now has end-to-end oversight and accountability for investment management, including investment strategy, investment performance and ensuring member fees are competitively low.”



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So far AMP has shafted the shareholders, their planner parters, the clients and half of their long term staff. What next for this mob?

More fluffy linkedin posts?

It simply doesn't matter anymore what AMP say or do on any level whatsoever.
They are finished.
The abominable situation instigated by David Murray with the appointment of his mate, De Ferrari for a massive sign on fee, followed by a massive salary and bonus structure and the demise of the entire AMP brand is simply unfathomable.
The corporate machine rode roughshod over all in its path with De Ferrari being rewarded for nothing more than a callous hatchet job.
AMP have had a long history in the entirely wrong appointments at their most senior levels.
De Ferrari wielded the axe whilst David Murray slipped into the fog after appointing him.
AMP are dead.
You cannot treat the advisers, staff, shareholders and clients in the manner in which they did and expect to somehow
" recreate " the beast that has just chewed you up and spat you out.
An absolute disgrace and a clear lesson on how to destroy an iconic brand that could have prospered had the people in control had any sense of humility and humanity within them.

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