The future of financial advice is coming. Are you prepared?

Grow your skills with expert-led, on-demand courses at Risk Academy. Together, let’s work together to improve the quality of Advice. 

The financial advice industry is at a crossroads. Education standards are increasing and people are looking for a higher quality of advice, which means it’s more important than ever to advance your skills and qualifications. That’s where TAL Risk Academy comes in. Risk Academy has been designed to help through providing a suite of courses, led by industry experts, designed with advisers to sharpen your edge and keep you ahead. The industry is changing, and Risk Academy is your key to changing with it. 
Choose From 50+ Market-Leading Courses 
TAL Risk Academy has over fifty courses to choose from - many of them free. The ability to customise your training to fit your needs means you can learn about the areas you most need to know and make the most of your time. The wide range of these courses can also help you improve specific skills or subjects. 
Learn When You Want 
The on-demand learning in Risk Academy means you can learn on your own schedule. Online courses are available 24/7, and it’s easy to plan to attend face to face masterclasses or watch live webinars. 
Get accredited with leading universities 

TAL Risk Academy is a great way to add up your CPD points and get closer to recognised qualifications with universities, as well. You can easily track your CPD point progress and earn points toward qualifications with Charles Sturt or Deakin University in the process. 
Learn with the experts 
Improving quality of advice starts with learning from industry leaders. Risk Academy courses are taught by those leaders and TAL experts and cover four tiers of learning to meet your needs as you grow in your role. 
Sharpen your edge 
Over 6,000 advisers have already gone through courses to extend their edge in the industry. The expert knowledge and skills improvement opportunities are available to everyone - they’re yours to build into your competitive advantage. 
It has never been more important to work together to improve the quality of Advice. TAL Risk Academy is a great way to improve and advance your knowledge and skills, all on your schedule. Visit the TAL Risk Academy website to start today.



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