Guide to Managed Accounts

11 September 2018

Are managed accounts an all-weather option?​

As the research undertaken by Money Management and published in this guide confirms, growth in the Australian managed accounts market has been a key factor in shaping the Australian platform market over the past five years.

The rapid rise of netwealth and HUB24 have been underpinned by their early embrace of managed accounts on platform and, as a recent Money Management webinar confirmed, there is hope that managed account structures will help financial advisers adapt to life beyond the expected outcomes of the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry.

How big will the managed accounts market become? Well, with $47.97 billion in managed accounts funds under management (FUM) as at 30 June, last year, and a prediction of $60 billion by 2020, it represents an increasingly important segment and one that cannot and should not be ignored by the majors.

What Money Management's own research confirms is that an increasing percentage of client funds is being invested via managed accounts and that this figure is likely to grow as advisers become more familiar with the products and as platform providers make them more usable.

But as Money Management's recent webinar rightly canvassed, the question for advisers and their clients is which type of managed account represents the best option for them – an Individually Managed Account, a Separately Managed Account or some other option.

We hope this guide helps.

Click here to download as a pdf.


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