Three months later… no answer from Treasury

5 February 2018

How much extra funding has the Government provided to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for a superannuation guarantee taskforce to look at unpaid superannuation?

Three months after it was asked the question, the Federal Treasury has still not provided the key Senate Economics Committee with an answer out of the Budget estimates process.

The question was asked by the Opposition spokesperson on Financial Services, Katy Gallagher, on 25 October as part of Treasury’s appearance before Senate Estimates and according to Parliamentary documentation is the only question taken on notice by the Treasury which remains unanswered.

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In the meantime, Gallagher’s eligibility to sit in the Senate has been brought into question and the issue referred to the High Court.

Gallagher noted during the October estimates hearing that the Government had announced additional funding to the ATO for a superannuation guarantee taskforce, but had not reported how much money would go to the ATO to cover the cost.

“Can you let me know how much funding when to the ATO for the Super Guarantee Taskforce?” she asked.

The Treasury officials agreed to take the question on notice but, as at Friday, last week, it remained the only question still unanswered by the Treasury.

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