Talaria launches active ETFs

Talaria Asset Management will launch its Global Equity and Global Equity - Currency Hedged funds as active exchange traded funds (ETFs) on the Chi-X Exchange in November, subject to unit holder and regulatory approval.

The funds would use Talaria’s unique investment process that included bottom-up fundamental research, a focus on value and options to generate consistent and differentiated income, and would be accessible as both listed and unlisted versions.

Talaria’s Global Equity and hedged funds offered investors exposure to a diversified portfolio of 25 to 40 large cap global equities, which the firm said would return a high and reliable income stream with greater certainty and less market volatility.

Talaria chief executive, Jamie Mead, said listing the funds as active ETFs would enhance access for investors while continuing to deliver stable income in an otherwise low-yield investment environment.

Mead said: “Talaria’s bottom-up research focus, combined with our 16-year track record of delivering consistent income with relatively low market risk, will enable our active ETFs to truly stand out in the market. In fact, September 2021 saw our Global Equity fund up when [the] benchmark index was down, outperforming it by 3.56%.

“Over the past few years, our business has seen significant growth, and this marks another chapter in our journey. Opening up more avenues for more people to invest in our high income, lower market risk funds is something we’re very excited about.”

Investors would be able to access Talaria’s active ETFs through their online share trading platform, stockbroker or financial adviser, with listing on the Chi-X Exchange expected in November.

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