Pro Bono Financial Advice Network appoints chair

The Pro Bono Financial Advice Network (PFAN) has appointed existing board members Nicola Beswick as chair, and Natalie Kleibert as deputy chair.

Beswick and Kleibert would be responsible for leading PFAN’s board tasked with improving the financial wellbeing of Australians living with serious illness and/or disability by providing pro bono financial advice. Western Australian financial adviser, Stephen Knight, has also joined the board.

Beswick said: “I am privileged to take on the role of chair of PFAN. As a financial adviser I understand the many small, yet powerful actions that people can take to change their financial future, and by their very nature, the course of their lives”.

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Established in 2014, pro-bono advisers connected to PFAN provide quality financial advice aimed at improving the sense of security for clients.

In 2016, PFAN partnered with MS Queensland to provide pro bono financial advice to people with MS who had identified financial advice as one of their most needed services. PFAN has also formed a partnership with MS Limited, who provide services to those located in Victoria, NSW, ACT and Tasmania.

Beswick succeeded Nick Hakes, who stepped down as PFAN chair after four years of service but remained on as treasurer. Tim Meggitt had also stepped down as a director after seven years.

Beswick said: “I’d like to thank Tim for his contribution and many years of service. I’d also like to extend a special thank you to Nick for leading the board with passion and enthusiasm during his time as chair”.

“I am looking forward to working with him and the rest of the board in continuing to grow the PFAN network and promoting the value and the positive difference that our PFAN advisers are delivering to individuals living with multiple sclerosis.”

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