New RegTech to help advisers comply with CPD regulations

RegTech start-up, Think Caddie, has announced its mew continual professional development (CPD) platform could help advisers and Australian financial services licensees (AFSLs) comply with the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority’s (FASEA’s) new CPD requirements.

The platform would give users access to a library of relevant CPD content and events through its online portal, and track professional development progress against FASEA’s new 40-hour requirements.

AFSLs would also be provided with an oversight tool to monitor, approve and administer in-house CPD content to their advisers.

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The platform curates its own professional development content from industry publications, including Money Management, and creates questions and answers against each content item for advisers to demonstrate their understanding.

Think Caddie partner, Sasha Lincoln, said the idea was born of financial advisers’ ongoing frustration with CPD.

“CPD shouldn’t be a chore. It exists to educate Advisers and improve the quality of advice provided to consumers,” she said. “By fostering what Advisers are already doing, we’re able to create a whole new level of engaged learning.”

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