MFS Prudent Capital Trust available on BT Wrap

15 October 2019

MFS Investment Management’s MFS Prudent Capital Trust fund is now available to Australian retail investors through the BT Wrap platform.

The MFS Prudent Capital Trust followed a strategy of investing in both equity and debt instruments of quality businesses with the flexibility to invest in cash to target a total return over a full market cycle.

Its focus was on capital appreciation without being constrained by benchmark, regional or market capitalisation.

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The trust was run by portfolio managers Barnaby Weiner, David Cole and Edward Dearing, and had returned 17.16% since its inception on 18 December, 2018, according to data from FE Analytics.

The strategy of the fund is 50-90% global equity, up to14% cash or short-term equivalents, and 10-30% global credit.

According to FE Analytics, the fund’s current highest weightings were 46.24% international equities, 29.64% global fixed interest, and 19.34% money market.

MFS Prudent Capital Trust performance since inception vs mixed asset sector

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Good to know about. Many of the major platforms are totally hopeless in updating you of new funds on their menus. (not true of all, however).

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