Man Group launches ESG analytics tool

10 July 2019
| By Chris Dastoor |
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Man Group has announced the launch of Man Group ESG Analytics, a proprietary dashboard-style tool enabling their investment teams to monitor non-financial risks and analyse environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in investments.

Man Group ESG Analytics was developed internally under the direction of Man Group’s Responsible Investment team with collaboration between Man Numeric (the firm’s fundamentally-driven, quantitative investment engine), their internal risk and performance analysis team, and stewardship team.

The tool would be available to all portfolio management teams across Man Group’s investment engines and can be applied across asset classes as well as to both traditional and alternative investment strategies.

The dashboard embedded a proprietary ESG scoring system derived from Man Numeric’s data research. The system applied advanced data and analysis to breakdown ESG datasets, which allowed the tool to generate a holistic score for the sustainability profile and impact of a business.

Datasets from Sustainalytics (ESG scoring and controversies data), MSCI (ESG scoring), and Trucost (environmental data) had been integrated into the platform.

Jason Mitchell, co-head of responsible investment at Man Group, said: “Man Group ESG Analytics represents three important accomplishments for Man Group: first, it helps demystify and organise the complexity of ESG data for our investment teams and clients; second, it allows us to take an innovative approach to ESG reporting in advance of inevitable regulatory and statutory ESG reporting requirements; and lastly, Man Numeric’s development of a proprietary, uncorrelated ESG factor provides a necessary way for us to not only understand, but ultimately to better measure and manage ESG risks.”

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