BTFG appoints CEO

BT Financial Group has appointed Matthew Rady as its chief executive and will lead the combined business including BT Panorama, BT’s Personal and Corporate Super, and Investments.

Rady would commence in the role in October and was previously Allianz Retire Plus chief executive and had over 30 years of experience in the financial services and wealth industries. He also had executive roles at Macquarie Group and Iress.

Westpac Group chief executive specialist businesses and group strategy, Jason Yetton, said Rady would drive positive customer and member outcomes through the one BT Financial Group business.

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Rady would also seek to enhance the performance of the business as the strategic review of the Westpac’s specialist businesses continue.

BT Managing Directors, Kathy Vincent and Melinda Howes would report to Rady.

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Good luck to him. In my experience the BT Panorama Product is as bad of user experience that I have ever experienced. The product would have been better named as BT Mirage...promise so much but deliver nothing.

Other than the recent outage, which I agree was a major worry, I've found the platform about as reasonable as the others we use. not great service, but par.

Good luck fixing that train wreck

Hope he is getting really good coin for this high risk and potentially career ending assignment. Then again, his brief might just be to unload BT and Panodrama as quick as he can for whatever he can.

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