Established research houses still dominate

19 June 2017

The well-established incumbent research houses such as Morningstar, Lonsec and Zenith dominate the investment research space, according to new research released by platform provider, Netwealth.


A new Netwealth whitepaper, released this month has described Morningstar, Lonsec and Zenith with usage rates among advisers of 65 per cent, 44 per cent and 24 per cent respectively, represent the technology leaders when it comes to investment research, portfolio analysis and selection.

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“However, for businesses whose client bases have larger account balances ($500,000+), the less traditional investment research technologies are gaining some more traction,” it said.

The whitepaper suggested that new entrants faced a challenge in gaining a foothold, pointing to the fact that “emerging players with novel approaches to investment analysis and research, like TipRanks, SelfWealth, Fincast and Macrovue are yet to achieve much adoption to date”.

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