FASEA confirms there’s no news on course approvals

The Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) has been forced to clarify that it is yet to make any approvals for the provision of graduate diplomas and bridging courses, following some confusion yesterday as the Ethics Centre announced it was developing an ethics course for which it planned to gain accreditation.

FASEA yesterday advised that, while it had received 14 applications for accreditation by graduate diploma providers and 11 for bridging courses, it hadn’t approved any.

The Authority said that decisions regarding the applications wouldn’t be announced until mid-June, upon which the accredited courses would be available on its website.

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“This would allow accredited providers sufficient time to commence offering accredited graduate diplomas and bridging courses in the second half of the 2019 calendar year,” it said.

This followed its previously-announced timeline for decisions, which was within eight weeks of receipt. The 25 applications from higher education providers above were all received before the cut-off date for approvals of 12 April.

The confusion regarding the Ethics Centre’s course arose yesterday after it said it was developing a FASEA-accredited offering, rather than that it had already received approval.

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Totally a joke, Introduce a system that stops people from earning a living, but make it impossible to satisfy the requirements. In fact don't even have a mechanism for people to satisfy the requirements. Joke Joke Joke. I am thinking Clive Palmer is looking good on Saturday. People may as well vote for the joker...At least he is colourful

I called Kaplan and was told there are 4 subjects for me to do, FPC00 1 2 3 and 7. they have them all there to start doing now which I want to. So what Kaplan says and what FASEA says are two different things? What the hell are we supposed to do if we want to get ahead of the curve on this to try and lessen the burden? Wait? This is comedy hour at FASEA, but its not funny.

The clock has now been ticking since 1 Jan 2019 and this issue continues to be a total farce. Any thoughts on pushing the implementation timetable back until we have a firm basis upon which to work ??

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