AMP replaces Horizons with Pathways

AMP Limited has launched a new planner training and development program replacing its Horizons program – Adviser Pathways.

The company announced the program was based on a minimum degree standard as approved by the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA).

The company said it would be a two to three-year program designed to interest a wide variety of candidates, including new university graduates, career changers and advice practice staff wanting to upskill.

It said AMP had leveraged its strategic partnership with Griffith University to build the new offering, and that candidates would need to complete Griffith’s financial planning skills course in their first year, which also provided credit towards the university’s FASEA-approved Master of Financial Planning qualification.

Commenting on the new arrangement, AMP Head of Advice Education, Capability and Careers, Rod Edge said the AMP Horizons practice, which had provided on-the-job training for new advisers since 2009, had been superseded by Adviser Pathways.

Edge said Adviser Pathways was built to meet the evolving needs of customers, as well as advisers and advice practices.

“We’re seeing growing demand for financial advice from Australians so we’re strengthening and improving our learning and development proposition,” he said.




Course content includes:
1) how to lie to ASIC 22 times and get away with it.
2) How to get extra income by charging the Register (people) advice fees and provide no service.
3) How to not to disclose that you're with AMP as an adviser.
4) How to suck more income out of your Register.

I have to give credit to AMP here and I'm not affiliated with them. At least they are investing into pathways. I don't know any other institutions that are doing this so at least they are trying and investing money.

Horizons opened its doors on 1 October 2007, not in 2009. Horizons was an industry game-changer in terms of its technical structure and development. While nothing lasts forever, the fact it lived beyond 10 years is remarkable. RIP Horizons.

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