Accountants best to help other accountant’s mental health

Accountants could be the best people to help other accountants dealing with mental health struggles, by engaging with each other during Mental Health Month in October.

The month was dedicated to the promotion and awareness of mental health, with World Mental Heath day taking place on 10 October.

Coco Hou, certified practicing account and chief executive of Platinum Professional Training and Platinum Accounting, said accountants suffered high levels of stress due to the nature of work.

“Mental Health Month and World Mental Health Day remind us all to make more of an effort to consider the mental health of others,” Hou said.

“Importantly, it also reminds us to check in on our own mental health and wellbeing. I work with accountants and accounting students every day, and I know how important these messages are for the profession.”

Hou’s other tips to improve mental health included using a stand-up desk, walking around during your breaks, avoiding lunch at your desk and connecting with your colleagues.

“Talk about it with others at work and agree on some activities you can undertake to emphasise the importance of mental health, being supportive and checking in to see if your colleagues are ok,” Hou said.

“If someone asks you if you’re ok, give a genuine and honest response. In conversations like these, it takes two to tango.

“People feel more at ease and likely to open up if they can see you are being honest and open. Being able to talk about issues in a supportive environment is important.”


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