Sharing the pain a matter of degrees

1 May 2020

Outsider was absolutely outraged to learn that some of the denizens of major consultancies such as Deloitte, KPMG and EY had been obliged to absorb pay cuts of up to 20% to help their firms navigate the vicissitudes of the COVID-19 pandemic.

No, seriously, Outsider genuinely feels for some of the lower orders of those firms whose sub-$80,000 salaries have been diminished by 20% and doubtless they have been assured that it is for the greater good.

However, Outsider is far less sympathetic with respect to partners and managing partners within those firms because he is only too well aware of the stellar six and sometimes seven figure incomes they take home.

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So, by Outsider’s calculation 20% of $80,000 equals $16,000 which is a substantial amount if you’re someone trying to pay the rent and buy the food while climbing the lower rungs of the slippery corporate ladder while the $150,000 being foregone by the partner on $750,000 a year doesn’t sound all that much at all, really, when you consider that they can perhaps forego the 2020 model BMW.

Yes, the big consultancies apparently want everyone to suffer equally except some people started off far more equal than others.

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