Self-isolation, single malts and damn the virtual chit chat

It’s hard to break the habits of a lifetime but even Outsider is putting aside some of his less attractive attributes to meet with company policy during these difficult 
COVID-19 times.

For instance, your venerable correspondent has had to embrace ‘social distancing’ (not easy given his girth) and hand-sanitising (a terrible waste of an alcoholic substance).

On top of that it was recommended to Outsider that he work from home which means he now practices self-isolation (have you ever met Mrs O?).

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And amid all this change, Outsider read a note from the HR department which he found just a bit too much.

These HR people suggested some ideas for Outsider to improve his home work environment and, sadly, none of them involved the use of single malt.

Among other things, Outsider was told he should learn how to ‘mentally switch off in the evening’ while during the day he was encouraged to set up ‘virtual coffee breaks’ with his colleagues and carry on the same way as if he was in the office, except that all coffee chit-chat would be now done online instead of face-to-face.

It’s enough to dive a chap to drink. Now there’s an idea.

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