No fun unless you name names

3 April 2020

Nothing annoys Outsider more than fellow hacks failing to point fingers and name names and so he wants to know the identity of the senior financial services type who, with a lady friend, is alleged to have partied hard in Aspen, caught COVID-19 and then returned to Australia to ignore self-isolation and go shopping and playing golf.

The problem for Outsider is that he knows too many people against whom such an accusation could be made – deeper than average pockets, time on their hands, habitues of

Toorak and the Mornington Peninsula and regular visitors to the Colorado piste. At least eight people come to mind, but some seem more likely than others.

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Now Outsider, never wishing to give offence, has been reluctant to reach out to those who he thinks might be the prime suspects but in any case he is told that in Melbourne financial services circles the name of the culprit is common knowledge with some being unkind enough to suggest that they expected little more from the character involved.

Outsider, of course, is not one to judge and he feels sure that any breaches of quarantine and transmission of infection were unintentional and, anyway, what’s a little virus between friends when each year you party hard in Aspen?

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Was that an ASIC official, ISA board member, Choice magazine editor or union leader? Could have been any one or all four bedfellows together

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