Kell, Zinn and the familiar faces at Adviser Ratings

Outsider was pleased to see his old mate and former Australian Securities and Investment Commission deputy chairman, Peter Kell, bob up as part of an external ratings committee for Adviser Ratings.

Given some of the consumer group antecedents of Adviser Ratings, Outsider reckons that Kell will be feeling pretty comfortable in the new role given his former life as the chief executive of consumer group Choice.

If Outsider remembers correctly, one of the prime movers behind the establishment was Christopher Zinn who was, in another life, media spokesman and campaign chief for Choice albeit that Zinn was more interested in adviser commissions than comparing the consumer utility of electric kettles.

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But before Outsider points too many fingers at the consumer group backers of Adviser Ratings he’ll also acknowledge that Money Management's founding editor and television breakfast personality, David Koch is one of the company’s directors and is listed as a media adviser

Then, of course, joining Kell on the external ratings committee is Outsider’s fellow fedora wearer, erstwhile Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) chief executive and current Deloitte consultant, Deen Sanders.

Putting rating advisers to one side, Outsider reckons the guys at Adviser Ratings make for a pretty decent coffee club – sustainably grown, of course.

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