Curtain comes down on Narev

As Outsider ran his rather jaundiced eye over the Commonwealth Bank’s half-year results last week, he was given to reflect that this would be the last results announcement to which Ian Narev would be appending his signature.

Yes, the curtain is coming down on the New Zealand-born former child television personality as he hands over to one of his understudies, Matt Comyn.

And Outsider is given to reflect that Comyn’s rise to the top job at Commbank has been not all that different to Narev’s with both men having risen through the bank’s senior executive ranks in a manner which suggests great singularity of purpose, if nothing else.

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So your ageing correspondent wishes young Comyn a more enjoyable time in CommBank’s top job than did his predecessor, although he suspects that Narev’s severance pay will keep him in theatre tickets for some time to come.

Outsider also notes that while the Federal Treasurer, Scott Morrison, had wished Comyn well in his new job, he had also reflected upon the fact that the Parliament had passed the legislation implementing the Government’s Bank Executive Accountability Regime (BEAR).

Of course, Narev’s theatrical background would have taught him that timing is everything.

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