The art of staying alive at conferences

Outsider remembers a time when conferences he attended were filled with late boozey nights, an unlimited supply of food, and bloodshot eyes in the morning.

It seems like this is still the case.

Outsider felt immense schadenfreude when he entered day two of Money Management's Fintech, Platforms, and Wraps conference, earlier this month, as he was told one of his colleagues received a text message at 2am with a question from one of their other colleagues. 

It read:"What is the name of the place we are staying in?" 

Oh, how Outsider laughed and laughed as he remembered a time when he could have very easily been caught in the same head spinning situation.

Turns out, not only was his colleague schmoosing with clients but with others from a separate conference next door until the wee hours of the morning. 

It may or may not be important to know that the conference had a very different gender ratio to that of Money Management's. Our dear readers can decide whether or not that is an important piece of information.

Nowadays, Outsider prefers to head off to his room early and have his whiskey in bed.

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Outsider's challenges are matched only by long suffering advisers' attempts to convince absent partners that the most effect insights from conferences come late into the night and viewed through beer goggles, hence a requirement to be there til the very end!

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