Achieving social distancing by leveraging holiday geography

3 April 2020

Hats off to a certain life insurance sector identity who knows how to leverage both time and space.

The identity, and he knows who he is, was sitting on a partly-filled aircraft at Singapore airport waiting for the 
departure of his flight to Australia when, notwithstanding the many empty rows and seats around, a gentleman sat beside him in the third seat in the row – the aisle.

Our insurance industry identity politely suggested that there were lots of empty rows close by and that perhaps the gentleman would be able to spread out and be more comfortable if he took one of those rows.

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The man demurred but said that perhaps he might do so after take-off.

Our insurance industry identity then revealed that he and his partner were returning after a fortnight in Italy.

The gentleman left. Choosing a row far distant from our insurance industry identity who, for the record is now in glorious isolation.

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