Step back and reflect on your values

Stefanie Rugiano, a rehabilitation consultant at AIA Life Insurance with a goal of transferring her occupational rehab knowledge within a wider organisational context, has been named this year’s Rising Star at the 2019 Money Management and Super Review Women in Financial Services Awards.

Rugiano, who holds a Masters in coaching psychology and has more than 11 years of experience across community health, rehabilitation and life insurance under her belt, said her success was all about values she believed in as well as personal persistence, passion, growth, discipline, and focus.

“Those qualities allowed me to keep going when the going gets tough,” she said.

Her biggest advice to those who were just about to take their first steps in the industry would be to step back and reflect on their personal attributes, qualities and values and make sure that the role they are going for would align with those values.

“For me it’s about focusing on what values you hold initially and if your values don’t align with the role that you are going for then it’s unlikely to succeed. “I always encourage people to step back and understand what they value and what drives them because that would allow anyone to move forward and succeed in a particular role,” she said.

Rugiano is passionate about rehabilitating people back to being productive members of society and holds a strong value for pro-social behaviour. She also runs a six-month co-managed program between rehabilitation and claims assessors focusing on developing rehabilitation skills and its application to the claims portfolio.

She was nominated for her consistent dedication and commitment to customers and positivity while assisting them at one of the most difficult times of their lives.

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