Building a winning team

Georgie Obst, general manager customer loyalty at HESTA and winner of Money Management’s and Super Review’s Women in Financial Services award for Marketing and Communications Professional of the Year, said her proudest achievement was building a great team.

“Getting everyone to work together to achieve great outcomes is what I’m incredibly proud of with what we do and how we help women in Australia,” Obst said.

She started in industry funds after returning to Australia from the UK and had remained in the industry ever since.

“In 2005 I had been working in London, and I’d come back and I was looking for a new marketing gig,” Obst said.

“SuperChoice opened up in 2005, and industry super funds were pitching for agencies to help them and I was part of the pitch, I just fell in love with industry super from that pitch.

“I worked agency side but now [I work] within a fund, and I absolutely thought it was one of the most valuable and useful things I could do with my skill set.”

Working for HESTA allowed Obst to work for a fund which heavily supported working women, while working with women.

“I have the incredible privilege of working [for a fund] with an 80% female membership base, and that drives an incredible purpose,” Obst said.

“I’m surrounded by inspiring female leaders, from our chair, to our chief executive, to our chief investment officer, to my boss – the CXO [chief experience officer].”

“They’re all women I admire and respect, so I’m very privileged to work where I am, and I probably have a pretty rose-coloured view of industry super because of it.”

“Super isn’t always like that but it’s probably why I love where I am the most, because we have no gender pay gap and we are 50/50 gender split across the whole fund.”

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