ISA backs ALP’s promised SG crack-down

Industry Super Australia (ISA) has backed the Australian Labor Party’s move to include the superannuation guarantee in the National Employment Standards (NES) therefore putting an increased legal obligation on employers.

ISA chief executive, Bernie Dean said the new measure, outlined during the ALP national conference in Adelaide, would form an important part of a comprehensive strategy to stamp out what amount to a $6 billion problem affected one in three workers.

“The Opposition’s commitment to include super in the NES will make it crystal clear to employers and employees what their respective responsibilities and rights are,” Dean said. “Super is an important employment entitlement that should be afforded the same prominence and protection as other basic conditions like maximum hours, leave and redundancy. “

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“Importantly, enshrining super in the NES will provide new legal avenues to recoup unpaid super which have not been broadly available,” he said. “In most circumstances employees have no legal standing to pursue super they are owed, placing the entire weight of the problem on the ATO to manage.”


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ISA to back Labor super policy !!!.......nah....your kidding...really ??
That wouldn't have anything to do with the tens of millions of dollars that flow from Industry Super Funds to the Labor Party and the unions every year would it and the "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" business model ??????

Yep and once they have killed off competition lo and behold labour policy becomes the opposite.

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