Industry funds claim polling rejects super wind-back

Industry Super Australia (ISA) has pointed to specific polling to reinforce that Australians will not back a Liberal Party push to change arrangements around the superannuation guarantee (SG).

ISA has pointed to polling conducted by polling company UMR to state: “Australians have overwhelmingly rejected a push by a group of minority backbenchers to freeze the superannuation guarantee at 9.5 per cent.”

It said the research confirmed strong support for an increase in super contributions, with 87 per cent of people surveyed in favour of increasing the super guarantee above its current level of 9.5 per cent.

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ISA said the poll showed that just 19 per cent, or one in five Australians, with superannuation said they expected to be able to live comfortably off their super in retirement, with a majority saying they would either need to work longer to have enough money to retire, or rely on the pension if super contributions didn’t increase.

It said the research had also shown that increased reliance on the pension as a result of freezing super contributions was also a big concern, with two-thirds of people surveyed (66 per cent) worried that everyone would end up footing the bill because the government will have to support more people on the pension. 

Proposals to make super ‘opt-out’ for particular groups such as low income workers or high income earners received low support, with only a third of those polled expressing support – including low income earners.

ISA chief executive, Bernie Dean, said the poll confirmed that Australians had overwhelmingly rejected a push to wind back the super guarantee.

“These results should send a clear message to the Government to keep their hands off Australians’ super,” he said.

“Australians are rightly concerned about their retirement and whether they will be able to make ends meet. Freezing the super guarantee will force Australians to work longer, and increase the burden on the pension.”



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Yes, lets listen to the polling, after all it worked well during the election didn't it! The ISA and all the other left wing think tanks are still living back in the day when people believed what they read. Not anymore, you need to actually provide proof these days, and proof or rather imparitiality is hard to come by when you are a bunch of fat cat ISA directors living off member fees.

It appears through previous polling conducted by UMR on behalf of ISA that sample group size is very often around 1000.
So, with the ISA stating that " Australians have OVERWHELMINGLY rejected........" when a sample of possibly only 1000 people apparently represents an overwhelming indication of attitudes of the nation is simply nonsense.
Would UMR please confirm the sample size and the methodology applied to the polling process for this ISA project.
How was the sample group determined, what were the questions asked and what time of the day or evening was the polling conducted.
These details would then place some meaning around the the results the ISA claims.....which clearly support their own agenda.

Not entirely sure why people are surprised at this result. Australians have shown a strong preference to vote for the $ in their pocket. I don't think the survey is wrong. Might have been more interesting if there was 2 sides to the survey. Would you rather 2%more in super or 2% more in salary?

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