Govt pauses on expansion of YFYS performance test

Minister for financial services, Stephen Jones, has announced Your Future, Your Super performance tests will not be extended beyond MySuper products this year.

In a statement, he said the tests would be reviewed after two rounds after annual tests and Treasury would determine whether it had had any unintended consequences for MySuper products and whether it should be applied to other products.

“Funds must always be held accountable for their performance. In doing so, accountability mechanisms must not simultaneously create perverse or unintended outcomes for members.

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“The Government is aware of concerns that the YFYS laws have the potential to create such outcomes by discouraging certain investment decisions or certain infrastructure investments.

“Treasury will be tasked in its review to examine and consider the operation of the new laws in this context,” Jones said.

Responding to his comments, Financial Services Council executive director of policy and advocacy, Spiro Premetis, said: “Given the range of complexities with applying the test to a broader and more diverse range of superannuation investment options, the pause is the right outcome for consumers.

“Proceeding with the test without further consultation could have resulted in consumers being given misleading information about their superannuation funds’ performance.”

Additionally, the Government would also shortly be releasing Exposure Draft legislation for consultation to implement its election commitment to adjust the performance test for faith-based products.

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Is it just me, or what is a faith based product?

Funny this backflip can be achieved so quickly but other regulations impacting the advice industry cannot. More evidence of a conflicted corrupt Government.

Welcome news.

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