Falls for growth super funds

23 March 2016

The median Australian superannuation fund returned -0.5 per cent for the month of February thanks to growth funds generally recording falls, according Morningstar.

The research house's superannuation survey found the best performing multisector growth fund for the year was AustralianSuper Conservative Balanced, returning 0.6 per cent.

This was followed by REI Super (-0.5 per cent), Energy Super (-0.8 per cent), Optimum (-0.9 per cent), and HESTA Core (-1.4 per cent).

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Median results over the longer-term were 7.4 per cent over three years, 7.2 per cent over five years, and 4.8 per cent over the 10 years to 29 February 2016.

The report found the best performing balanced funds over the year were AustralianSuper Stable (1.9 per cent), Austsafe (0.6 per cent), and Energy Super (0.2 per cent).

Australian listed property was the best performing growth asset class at 2.9 per cent, followed by global listed property (0.1 per cent), and Australian equities and global equities (both -1.7 per cent).

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