Equip and Catholic Super finish FY in the positive

27 July 2020

Equip and Catholic Super’s joint trustee flagship balanced options have developed positive returns to members despite COVID-19 market volatility pushing most superannuation funds into negative territory.

In an announcement, the funds said Equip’s Balanced Growth option returned 1.7% over the financial year, and Catholic Super’s Balanced option returned 0.52%. Both funds’ returns were above 8%.

The funds’ chief investment officer, Anna Shelley, said the funds used many small, conservative actions to protect and add to its members’ retirement savings.

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“Equip and Catholic Super’s investment team is closely watching the markets and resetting strategies as conditions change during the pandemic, positioning members’ retirement savings for long-term growth as markets and economies reset and recover for life after the crisis,” she said.

“Our long-term results show that investments require time in the market. The key is consistently strong results over many years.”

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