Countdown to transfer smaller super balances to ATO

In one week, inactive super accounts with less than $2000 will be shielded from insurance and administration fee erosion by being sent to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

The move is a result of a Federal law, passed in December, requiring super funds to send these balances to the ATO by the end of May.

BT Financial Group general manager Deanne Stewart said protecting smaller balances from fee erosion was important, as research showed few Australians would retire comfortably.

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"An Australian on the average wage of $72,400 will only replace half of their income in their retirement — well short of the Government's recommended 70 per cent," she said.

"Australians will need every dollar of their superannuation to be working for them in the lead-up to and during retirement."

Finding lost super and consolidating accounts were two steps Australians could take to increase their super balances, Stewart said.

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