ASIC wined and dined by Macquarie Group, Bank of China

With the spotlight already hot on industry regulators, The Age’s discovery that they have been “wined, dined and given corporate gifts without scrutiny” cannot have been a welcome one at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

The newspaper found that both ASIC and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) had received gifts from those they regulated, including vintage wines, dinners, concert dinners, and airline upgrades.

It reported that Macquarie Group was one such party to wine and dine ASIC, and that the ACCC being guests of Energy Australia for dinner less than a year before Scott Morrison commissioned the regulator run an inquiry into the retail electricity industry.

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The gifts uncovered by the publication were done so through freedom of information requests and media pressure; while they keep gift and hospitality records, the regulators do not publish them as a matter of course.

Gifts received by ASIC from 2014 – 2017 included a private label Barossa Valley wine from the Bank of China, an Emirates international flight upgrade, and tickets to the Byron Bay Bluesfest. The regulator refused to provide 2018’s gift register.

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I wonder what is on the 2018 list? Corruption always smell - and ASIC stinks.

Wow if that was what the insto's provided, imagine what ISA must have been willing to give up for their protected species treatment? Any bets it was either: a) one of their first born children b) 90 degree angle at the hips over a barrel with legs apart c) their soul (I agree ISA would suffer no great loss nor ASIC gain a great prize on that last one)

Perhaps Justice Haynes should be appointed to review ASIC and APRA. Regulators set the standard, so they should be held accountable.

What are they hiding in 2018? Is it even legal to accept gifts as a public servant or were they free of these little rules by then?

I cant even ask for a package of umbrellas from BDMS these days, this is just a rort from ASIC once again. They burn us as witches whilst all the time they are the druids in disguise! Upgrades, expensive wine, geezuz what is this they are a regulator, its like wining and dining the ATO! So this is why the government cut them loose, as they are a liability and taking presents from those they are supposed to police which breaks almost all ethical beliefs. yes lets fund their wages, and while we are at it why not send the big wigs from mac bank over there to give them some gifts. Hey lets get bank of china to give them some stuff too. Why not? Then lets get them to burn a few witches and put their heads on sticks, just to look like they are actually working, but it wont be anyone from mac bank or bank of china will it.

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