State Street offers ETF model portfolios through Praemium

State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) has announced it has partnered with managed accounts platform Praemium to offer a suite of new exchange-traded fund (ETF) model portfolios.

The ETF model portfolios available on the Praemium platform include a range of risk-based ETF model portfolios (moderate, balanced and growth), aimed at pursuing optimal capital efficiency over a long-term horizon.

Meanwhile, objective-based model portfolios would provide investors with an income-focused solution. These would focus on multi-asset class allocation to diversify across income sources.

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The model portfolios were constructed based on risk tolerance in order to achieve market exposure across equity and fixed income markets.

Praemium’s Managed Accounts platform would be the first platform offering the new suite of products.

Meaghan Victor, head of SPDR ETFs, Australia and Singapore, said partnering with Praemium opened up their ability to bring institutional quality and professional funds management to more investors.

“The combination of ETFs and no investment manager fees on our model portfolios means that we can provide cost-conscious solutions,” Victor said.

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