New matching service to find your planner

The Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) has launched the new Match My Planner online matching service to help Australians find a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

It used a UX-based research approach which matched people online with a CFP professional, based on a personalised profile of money, life goals and location.

Match My Planner asked consumers a few easy questions to discover their financial goals, demographic information and the number of planners they wanted to hear from.

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Then CFP professional FPA members who had downloaded the app would get a notification and respond if they believed their services would be a fit.

The FPA had previously launched the location-based Find a Planner directory, but research revealed consumers wanted filters for trust, comfort, tailored recommendations, rapport, impartiality and reputation.

Dante De Gori, FPA chief executive officer, said this was a game-changer for how people would connect with financial planners, making it easier to do so on their own terms.

“It’s a new economy, a digital economy, where consumer expectations and technological possibilities have shifted,” De Gori said.

“The previous Find a Planner tool is heavily based on geographic location. Research confirmed our hypothesis that it’s an important decision criteria but not the primary one.”

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