New chair named for Iress

Financial services software provider, Iress has announced the impending appointment of a new chair, driven by the retirement of its current chair, Tony D’Aloisio.

The company announced that former ABN AMRO Asia Pacific Securities chief executive, Roger Sharp would be stepping into the role when D’Aloisio stands aside at the company’s annual general meeting in May.

Sharp will join the Iress board as a non-executive director and chairman-elect. He is currently chair of Webjet and deputy chair of Tourism New Zealand.

D’Aloisio, a former chair of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, had been chair of Iress since 2014 after joining the board in 2012.

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IRESS has a shameful gender balance in its exec rank. Only 1 out of 9! And as per usual it's HR. Time for new leadership at the top. It has gone nowhere in 5 years now. Worst performing tech stock.

Get off the gender high horse. So sick of the morally outraged far too vocal twats who use political correctness, diversity and other theoretical arguments to shout down common sense and to criticise other organisations.

Groups like these are extremely sensitive to doing things correctly and use yardsticks along every available sensible framework when selecting appropriate people to fill jobs competently, especially leaders and management.

Whether they are male, female, white, blue, short, tall, thin, obese, from any specific geographical location or ethnicity or any metric does not come into it and nor should it.

How people like you can be so biased as to advocate favouritism against someone who is the best candidate and give unfair preference to another SOLELY on the basis of gender make me shake my head in utter disgust (and complete pity for anyone you possibly give advice to, if your thought process is so irrational and twisted).

And this post will undoubtedly ignite your sense of self-righteous vitriolic ire, but you know that old saying, "Sticks & stones may break my bones, but there's always something to offend a feminist"

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