Melbourne Business School appoints head of retiree security

The Melbourne Business School (MBS) has appointed Dr Teagan Altschwager as the head of The Orford Research Initiative into Financial Security for Retirees.

Overseen by faculty advisor, Dr Jody Evans, The Orford Research Initiative is a three-year research project that would investigate how Australians can improve their retirement income and security through a better understanding of the benefits available within lifetime pensions and annuities.

The Orford Research Initiative would review different approaches to financial security for retirees, working with key industry players in the retirement and planning sector to gain insights.

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The research could also gauge feedback on the value of the new breed of pensions available after the Australian Government’s reforms, which came into effect on 1 July, 2017.

“It aims to review how new retirement product options can deliver a significant uplift to everyday Australians’ living standards in retirement, as well as positively benefiting the Federal budget, by reducing the cost of the Age Pension,” said Melbourne actuary and MBS alumnus, David Orford.

According to the Orford Initiative, Dr Teagan Altschwager, who is a marketing and senior research fellow at MBS, would bring an extensive background in market research and consumer insights to the project.

"I am delighted to be leading a project that will delve into such an important issue for the Australian public. I hope this initiative becomes an exemplar for how industry and academia can collaborate on meaningful and impactful research in the future,” Dr Altschwager said.

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