Macquarie collaborates with myprosperity

Fintech platform myprosperity has announced it will integrate with major industry player, Macquarie Wealth, to allow customers real-time access to the bank’s Macquarie Wrap investment platform and its cash management accounts.

Chief executive officer of myprosperity, Chris Ridd, said the award-winning fintech platform would allow consumers to control their own data and integrate another component of their personal wealth.

The integration was welcomed by chair of Fintech Australia, Stuart Stoyan, who noted the collaboration was an important step in driving customer outcomes and financial services innovation, and head of wealth product and technology for Macquarie Wealth, Cameron Garrett, said seamless integration with third parties is vital for best client-practice.

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“Our focus is on increased flexibility and personalisation through our innovative digital banking and wealth solutions, and Macquarie’s open platform facilitates this, enabling approved third-party providers to connect to offer new services and experiences,” said Garrett.  


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