Infocus founder Steinhardt steps into MD role

Infocus Wealth Management has issued a formal statement following the exit of its managing director and chief executive officer, Rod Bristow, stating that its founder, Darren Steinhardt, had stepped back into the managing director role. 

Bristow late yesterday refused to comment on his departure from Infocus beyond saying he was looking forward to new opportunities and the company itself did not reference the reasons for his departure after nearly six years in the CEO role. 

The Infocus statement was attributged to the company's chairman, Roy McKelvie and said: "Following the departure of Rod Bristow from the company, Infocus’ Founder and Executive Director, Darren Steinhardt, will step back into the Managing Director role". 

The announcement continued: "Darren said he was very excited to be back leading the company he founded with his wife Stephanie in 1994. 

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“I’m looking forward to being back at the helm of this wonderful company and leading our team of great and capable people. Infocus is seen as an industry leader in terms of compliance, use of technology, breadth of service and efficiency in the delivery of financial advice solutions for clients, we are well placed for growth and this is a path that we will now pursue.” 

These past few years have been a period of substantial change in the financial services industry and as a result of last week’s announcement of the Banking Royal Commission we anticipate change to continue. While change can throw up challenges it also presents opportunities and Infocus is very well placed to capitalise on the opportunities that these changes present.” 

“We will focus on growth of our business via growth in each of our aligned financial advice practices, growth in our company owned financial advice practices, and growth in each of our supporting companies.” 

“Infocus is positioned well and I’m looking forward to this next phase of evolution of our company."

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