HUB24 uses tech to adjust portfolios

HUB24 has launched a new portfolio management tool, Progressive Portfolio Implementation (PPI), that allows users of the platform to adjust their managed portfolios online in response to changing market conditions.

PPI, which is now live, would allow different target weightings to be set for new inflows, and provide portfolio managers with the flexibility to allocate the new client money differently, substituting into alternative securities in line with the investment objective.

Clients are also set to benefit as they may not have to pay as many transaction fees and their portfolio performance could potentially improve. 

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Managing director of HUB24, Andrew Alcock, said this was just another example of how technology is transforming the industry by leveraging investment management expertise to create better outcomes for advisers and their clients.

Director of strategic development at HUB24, Jason Entwistle, said managers receiving new inflows from investors would no longer have to buy all the holdings to match the existing weightings of their portfolios and sell recently-purchased assets shortly after to adjust to those new weightings.

“PPI may help enhance performance as portfolio managers don’t have to purchase securities at peak valuation for new funds and can also deliver tax efficiencies for investors by not having to sell securities before their time,” he said.

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