Holley Nethercote hires new training and compliance head

Kath Bowler has joined financial services law firm, Holley Nethercote, as general manager of Compact, its training and compliance business, following the changes to the financial services industry as a result of the Royal Commission.

Bowler’s new role would be an extension of the joint venture arrangement the firm has with her current business, Licensing for Accountants (L4A), a business that provides compliance and advice to accountants with limited licenses and authorisations, where she would continue to act as chief executive officer.

Managing partner of Holley Nethercote, Grant Holley, said the firm was keen to tap into Bowler’s knowledge and expertise, particularly the approach she takes in supporting accountants.

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Bowler said she was excited to leverage the range of products and services her company has built for accountants to a broader audience, including planners looking to get fully licensed.

Subscribers to Licensing for Accountants would also benefit from the broader resources of Holley Nethercote.

“We will also be able to better service integrated practices who have both licensed accountants and licensed financial planners – an area we have had significant demand for in recent months,” said Holley.



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