FPA makes board appointment

The Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) has made an additional appointment to its board by appointing Diana D’Ambra as an additional director, and chair of the board audit and risk committee.

It was announced at last week’s annual general meeting (AGM) and followed Paul Ruiz stepping down as additional director after serving nearly two years on the board.

D’Ambra had over 30 years of deep strategic and financial experience, and spent more than 13 years as a non-executive director.

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She had more than 25 years’ experience as an investment, mergers, acquisitions and capital market and financial management adviser, and chartered accountant.

In addition to her non-executive board and committee roles, she also provided financial and strategic assistance to established businesses in relation to acquisitions, divestments, and to start-ups in relation to strengthening and transforming their businesses.

The FPA announced its board appointments in late October, which commenced from 25 November, 2020 at the AGM.

The full board was now comprised of Marisa Broome as chair, Jane Bowd, Diana D’Ambra, Alison Henderson, Kearsten James, William Johns, Julie Matheson, Julian Place, and David Sharpe.

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I wonder the point of having a board, when the board members are not allowed to talk publicly on any issues around the FPA - that is in the FPA constitution as I understand it - they are silenced.

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