Count Financial improves platform integrations

Count Financial has launched a series of back-end integrations on its myprosperity, Astute Wheel, Padua Sorrento, Moneysoft and Iress platforms which will remove the double handling of data for advisers and create a better digital experience for clients. 

Count was the first licensee to implement both the Padua and Astute Wheel integrations. 

Reg Gabila, Count’s head of licensee systems, said these tools targeted specific areas in the advice process. 

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“For example, the Padua Fact Find tool targets the fact-find collection process,” Gabila said. 

“Currently, this is largely paper based and double data entry is required as the adviser completes the paper-based form and then manually re-enters that data into XPLAN.” 

The new method would mean there was no more paper and no more double entry. 

“Now, the fact-find is completed online through a client-friendly interface, and the information is automatically integrated into XPLAN,” Gabila said. 

“We expect this to lead to a 50% time saving in the client discovery process.” 

The Astute Wheel integration with XPLAN would save about 20% of time across the customer discovery and advice formulation process with better communication between accounting platforms and financial planning systems. 

“The integrations we have developed will see a significant progression in the ability of our advisers to manage their clients’ data,” Gabila said.  

“As an example, the myprosperity application integrates with accounting platforms Xero, MYOB, BGL, and Class Super, along with XPLAN.” 

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