Cashwerkz rolls out new fintech platform

Cashwerkz will roll out a new fintech platform architecture to reduce time to market for new online cash investing features.

The new serverless platform architecture would help Cashwerkz to quickly deliver new defensive cash investment solutions, innovations and regtech requirements.

Peter Whitfield, chief technology officer at Cashwerkz, said transforming the process for online cash investing highlighted more potential for business innovation.

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“We really wanted to adopt a more open and flexible platform architecture and be more agile when it came to product development,” Whitfield said.

“This strategy allows Cashwerkz to focus more of our technology resources on delivering business value instead of running infrastructure.”

The product included the Identification Verification and Management (KYC/AML) regtech tool, which streamlined the online identification and verification process for online investors.

As of 30 June 2019, cash invested via the platform reached $2.7 billion since it’s launch in August 2017.

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