BT launches new portal

BT has launched the My Wellbeing Rewards and Portal for life insurance clients, giving them access to a range of discounts and an online hub focused on health and wellbeing.

As part of the wellbeing initiatives, BT gave new and existing clients a 10 per cent discount on Protection Plans Term Life policy premiums, subject to certain age and health criteria.

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New clients can apply for the discounts through BT’s LifeCentral+ program, while existing clients can apply through the new My Wellbeing Portal.

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I’ve had it up to my eyeteeth with wellness programs, incentives and ancillary bullsh*t offered by life and super companies. They launch a new fad every 2 months, it’s all irrelevant - clients want lower premiums not to wear a watch to save 5% or login to find out their bloody life expectancy, or get 10% off a ginger smoothie. Focus on your core business FFS.

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