Another planner joins FASEA board

9 April 2019

Another financial planner has been appointed to the board of the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA).

In one of the final acts of the current Government, the Assistant Treasurer, Stuart Robert announced that Financial Planning Association (FPA) stalwart, Louise Lakomy had been appointed as part-time director alongside consumer advocate, Elissa Freeman.

It said the pair would be joining Carolyn Bond and Deborah Kent who had both been reappointed to the FASEA board, with all four having tenures of three years from 11 April, this year.

Lakomy was a director of Crystal Wealth Partners and had been a board member of the FPA.

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Licenced by AMP. Oh joy!

"FPA stalwart" .... That's like being on the board of the Australian medical association when they got payments from Philip Morris the Cigarette company and thinking that's ok.

How do these people get nominated and based on what experience and credentials. Looks like FASEA is trying to get a gender balance. I see no improvement for the support of frustrated financial planners. Absolutely no vocal support requesting retarding the nonsense that is being imposed on us. The industry has been decimated by bureaucrats and we have had enough.

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