AMP Capital bolsters infrastructure team

AMP Capital has appointed Daniel Pilbrow as associate director of its community infrastructure team where he would focus on creating value in existing health infrastructure assets and identify opportunities to increase investment in the health and social care sectors.

Pilbrow would bring more than 20 years’ experience in healthcare leadership roles to his new role, including a directorship with the Plenary Group’s Royal North Shore Hospital PPP project.

He was also CEO and board director of a number of small not-for-profit organisations in the healthcare sector and executive directory, strategy, of the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre Project for the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

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AMP Capital global head of infrastructure health, Julie-Anne Mizzi, said Pilbrow’s skills and expertise in the health and social care sectors would support the investment manager’s continued growth.

“With a growing need for private capital in the health sector, investors will have an important role in supporting the development of new healthcare infrastructure, particularly as the world’s population continues to age,” she said.

“The growing sector presents attractive investment opportunities for investors while supporting the development of critical health and social care infrastructure services in the community.”  

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What a joke AMP and investments
I would have though after all the lies and deception at AMP exposed from Financial Services Commission and the media they would try to appeal to the same mum and dad investors with another dodgy investment. As an organisation you were so arrogant and pompous and thought you were untouchable that you lied to ASIC and then at commission stated this as you thought you were untouchable. How wrong you were. AMP is getting exactly what it deserves for its conduct and its belief it was accountable to no one. No wonder AMP is losing funds at an alarming rate. No confidence. It reminds one about the story about the boy who cried wolf. He cried wolf so many times with no wolf there so that when a real wolf came and he screamed wolf no one would come. AMP is like that. Lie, cheat, steal and then say everything is good. The mums and dads of Australia are now awake to your deceptions. This proposed fund with any luck will be a failure and bleed money like your other funds. It is just a matter of time before you are bankrupt. We will let nature go on its way and watch AMP join the likes of Dick Smith electronics
AMP neither has the expertise or professionalism to run proposed fund successfully. leave it to the professionals - leave it to Macquarie at least the know what they are doing and have a record of success.

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