AMP app adds budgeting functionality

The My AMP app has rolled out its Money Manager budgeting functionality for both iOS and android devices, which aimed to give customers a clearer view of their spending and saving habits.

Money Manager allows customers to connect and view all financial accounts in the one place, including those held with other financial institutions, and track where their money is going, AMP said.

Other functionality includes graphs and visual cues to highlight if a customer overspends on their set monthly budget, the company said.

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The My AMP app budgeting functionality also links to the more detailed online version of the Money Manager budgeting tool available through My AMP, which allows customers to create and track a detailed budget for a 12-month period, whereas the app focuses on customers’ current spending patterns.

The new functionality interacts with, and dynamically updates, Money Manager online, allowing customers to monitor their finances in whatever way is most convenient for them at the time, AMP said.

“AMP’s Money Manager offers an easy and intuitive way for customers to take a bird’s eye view of spending habits and how they might be affecting their ability to achieve their goals,” AMP’s director of digital and design, Michael Weeding, said.

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