Advice Intelligence launches ‘new world’ platform

Advice Intelligence has launched its “new world” financial planning software to advisers across Australia, which enables advisers and clients to co-create advice together and removes paraplanners from the process.

Founder and chief executive, Jacqui Henderson, said the software would repair existing compliance and technology elements of the financial advice chain that are inefficient and ineffective and have adversely affected the value and consistency of advice given to consumers.

The software features a “WealthMap,” which provides advisers and clients with a shared space to co-create advice, and tracks client goals, cashflow and insurance, effectively removing paraplanning from the advice process.

“Advice Intelligence’s software will enable advisers to increase their ability to scale, meet prospective clients and satisfy best interest guidelines,” she said. “It will help advisers to nurture customer relationships and ultimately lower the advisers’ costs in delivering quality, goals-based financial advice.”

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Anastasia I would be interested to see what the limitations of the advice are. My understanding is that only simple advice can be automated for now. It is a little early to say that it makes the paraplanner redundant when it only covers a small part of the advice provision.

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