BT Financial expands life insurance APL

1 November 2017

Having confidence that advisers are supported in meeting best interests duty is the focus behind BT Financial Group (BTFG) expanding its life insurance approved product list (APL), according to firm.

Westpac Life is the only insurer on the firm's APL, but BTFG expects there to be a minimum of three insurers by March 2018.

“Over the past four years every adviser request to use an insurance product not on the APL was approved,” said general manager advice and private wealth, Jane Watts.

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“We will be going through a rigorous selection process supported by independent input to make sure the insurance options on our APL meet the demands we expect around the quality of product we recommend to our clients.

“We are doing this methodically to ensure we get great quality additional cover on our APL and we will take the time to make sure our advisers are highly trained in them.”

BTFG also confirmed its intention to minimise the approval of a policy for an insurer off its APL from two days to one.

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Ha what a surprise!

Smoke and mirrors,Will Jane disclose the shelf space fees required to be one of the chosen few?
3!! still half of what Trowbridge recommended ! 3 is not going to convince consumers you are serious about acting in the clients best interest.
And what about the Loaded gun?Still gonna be pushing those B.T. loaded premiums on to clients Jane?Been a good little earner for the bank when no one was watching, but now Peter Kell is watching .

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