YTML Group forms partnership with SuiteBox

Collecting, reviewing and analysing data efficiently in order to assist advisers with customer challenges will be the core focus of the new partnership agreement between YTML Group and SuiteBox.

The two solutions would eliminate time constraints and assist advisers to deliver feedback with increased efficiency, according to SuiteBox chief executive, Ian Dunbar.

Suitebox's secure digital signing technology would be pitted with YTML's Highlighter product to help service clients in a more innovative way.

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"Technology provides the foundation for disruptive change and delivery," Dunbar said.

"Advisers are rapidly embracing these changes to help consumers on their advice journey."

YTML chief executive, Kevin Liao, said that the partnership was a strong reflection of the benefits of fintech enablers across the finance sector.

"[We are] eliminating blockages in our service offerings and making advice a smoother, more consumer friendly experience," he said.

"This partnership represents fintech businesses at their best."

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