TAL offers advisers mental wellbeing course

Stressed financial advisers are being offered a course from life insurer TAL which aims to boost their mental wellbeing as many struggle to cope with the Royal Commission changes and exams.

Run by the firm’s Risk Academy and TAL’s head of mental health Glenn Baird, it would focus on evidence-based tips to improve wellbeing and function at their best as well as support for those suffering from depression or anxiety.

Earlier this year, a study by Investment Trends found 47 per cent of advisers said they had ongoing stress at work while others were experiencing stress, anxiety and struggling profitability. Nearly 100 per cent of advisers surveyed said they had experienced negative impacts from the publicity surrounding the Royal Commission.

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TAL head of licensees and partnerships, Beau Riley, said: “In the rapidly changing environment for financial advisers, it is clear stress levels are higher than in years past. Advisers are facing widespread reforms, scrutiny, compliance and higher education demands.

“It’s never been more important to support advisers both professionally and personally as best as we possibly can right now. TAL Risk Academy’s mental wellbeing course provides the opportunity for advisers to do some self-reflection on how they might apply the fundamentals of wellbeing into their own lives and in their businesses,” he said.

The course will launch on 4 September and information can be found at https://adviser.tal.com.au/risk-academy.



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If TAL wants to support advisers, do it in public, not behind closed doors. Make an announcement in the papers telling people how important advisers are to get the correct cover for clients . That wouldn't cost much but the benefits would be a lot more than these mental health workshops. You have to treat the cause not the symptoms. Stop increasing level premiums for one, this causes a lot of stress for us and clients.

TAL who were up for abuse of power at the Royal Commission for mental health claimants and TAL who have increased existing customers premiums because of "claims experience" but are able to discount premiums for new business for the very same products.

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